Review solo reizigster Vi Walsh | juni 2017 | Kingfisher Tours

Review solo reizigster Vi Walsh | juni 2017

A great combination of local knowledge and Dutch efficiency and attention to detail I can't recommend Miriam and Kingfisher Tours highly enough. Miriam is from Holland, married to a local and has lived and worked in Egypt for many years. She has a devoted 'family' of guides, drivers, captains etc who work for/with her and she combines local knowledge with Dutch efficiency, high standards and attention to detail. You may get cheaper tours, but you won't get better.

Miriam is passionate about the country, believes in sustainable tourism and has the flexibility and contacts to be able to tailor things to your needs and interests. She provides personal service from your first inquiry all the way to the end of the tour. She was endlessly patient with me and answered lots of questions when I was trying to understand what was available and which permutation I should go for.

In the end she adapted an existing tour so it gave me exactly what I wanted. She suggested flights for me and sent me detailed itineraries and invoices. She met me personally at the hotel when I arrived in Luxor and kept in touch as I drifted happily down the Nile in a dahabiya, doing some fabulous sight seeing along the way. When I mentioned something that wasn't quite what I'd expected, she immediately took my comments on board and also arranged a complimentary trip for me.

All the people who work for the company act like one big happy family. Times are hard in Egypt but all the staff were so warm and generous. Security was tight everywhere we went - hotels, airports, ports ... and I think I probably felt safer there than I would in London at the moment.

It was an unforgettable holiday and I certainly hope to use Kingfisher Tours again when exploring other parts of Egypt. I've been teaching about 'Ancient Egypt' in school for years. It was so wonderful to see it all come alive!

Vi Walsh | juni 2017

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